All projects

"ASK INSHAAT" LLC Repair of the multistoried residential building including 1st floor of Non-Residential area located at Yasamal Settlement, intersection of L.Tolstoy, streets 12.11.2019 - ongoing
"IM GROUP" LLC "BIR - IKI DONER SHOP" repair and refurbishment of caffee shop 05.11.2019 - ongoing
"Grand-Agro" LLC Fencing of the area and gates installation – extension of previous contract due to some additional areas not included to the Project 02.05.2019 – 01.10.2019
"XXI Century International Educational and Innovation School" LLC Repair and refurbishment works 14.06.2019 – 02.09.2019
"LANDAU SCHOOL" Secondary School LLC HVAC and air-conditioning system supply and installation 25.04.2019 – 02.09.2019
"Azerbaijan Greening and Landscape Structure" Open Joint-Stock Company under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of AR Improvement of ecological condition of the Chukurdar lakes and landscape restoration 14.10.2018 – 26.06.2019
"Baku Hotel Company" Baku, Azerbaijan Construction works In the frames of HYATT Regency Fitness Club Refurbishment 06.04.2018 – 10.05.2019
"Grand-Agro" MMC Fencing of the area and gates installation – 750 Ha 03.09.2018 – 30.06.2019
AZƏR-TÜRK BANK ASC Repair and refurbishment works 12.11.2018 - 30.11.2018
"Rabitəbank" ASC Repair and refurbishment works at Nasimi branch of the bank 26.12.2017 - 18.03.2018
State Transportation Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan Repair of the building of the Agency located in Sabunchu Settlement, Baku 08.12.2017 – 01.06.2018
“AZENCO” ASC Mingechavir city, Azerbaijan Construction of new Hydropower plant in Mingechavir city 17.10.2017 – 25.12.2017
“QLOBUS İNTERNEYŞNL” LLC Water Supply and sewage system works in Qakh city (construction of control panel d = 110-160 mm. length 14,4 km) 27.08.2017 – 29.12.2017
"Korpu-Bina-Tikinti" MMC Water supply and sewage system installation in Yardimli city 01.02.2017 – 15.08.2017
Ministry of Tax of AR Maintenance of the artificial waterfall and green park area in front of the building of Tax Department 01.11.2017 – 01.11.2018
AzeriCard Repair of 6-storied building of Bank 01.12.2015 – 30.07.2017
BTB Bank Repair Works 01.06.2015 – 21.10.2015
"ServicePlus" MTK Baku, Azerbaijan 01.10.2014 - stopped
Public Agency for Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Oghuz city, Azerbaijan 21.04.2014 - stopped
"ALFA CONSTRUCTION" LLC, Zagatala city, Azerbaijan Construction, refurbishment and repair of the kindergarten to be located at the Residential Complex in Zaqatala city, Azerbaijan Avenue108 01.04.2014 - 15.11.2014
"CPC" LLC, Azərbaycan, Oghuz Construction of the Second Production Building of the "Glukoza" factory in Oghuz city and Administrative building 01.04.2014 - 07.09.2015
"CITY DEVELOPER" Bakı, Azərbaycan Demolition of the existing buildings and construction of a new 8 blocks 9-storied buildings at Tolstoy and H/Aslanov streets 06.02.2014 - 11.02.2015
ACCESS BANK QSC Repair works 27.01.2014 - 12.05.2014
"İNTERGLASS" ASC AZƏRBAYCAN, BAKI ŞƏHƏRİ Construction of a new 7920 m2 warehouse at the territory of "İnter Glass" factory 07.01.2014 - 31.03.2014
"GUSAR OLIMPIC" LLC Reconstruction and strengthening of the existing building of Olimpic Sport Complex 01.10.2013 - 30.05.2015
"GENERAL CONSTRUCTİON" LLC Reconstruction and design of "HARVEY NİCOLS" Brand Shop located in "Globus Plaza" 01.08.2013 - 01.03.2015
"SAHIL AZ KO" MTK Preparation of the manual for exploitation and as-build drawings for existing systems in Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel (HVAC system, security system, etc.) 31.05.2013- 20.06.2014
"GENERAL CONSTRUCTİON" LLC Repair of the rooms in GLOBUS PLAZA HOTEL 24.04.2013 - 01.07.2013
"GUSAR OLIMPIC" LLC Engineering-investigation works. Laboratory works. Testing of construction materials. 17.04.2013 - 31.08.2013
"BANK TECHNIQUE" LLC Reconstruction and essential repair works at the Head-office 28.06.2012 - 20.02.2014
"İNTERGLASS" LLC AZERBAIJAN, BAKU Construction of second oven in the Production Shop and foundation for equipment at “INTERGLASS” LLC, located in Qaradagh district, Salyan Highway 25 01.03.2013- 15.06.2015
EXECUTIVE POWER OF SHEKI CITY, AZERBAIJAN Construction of a new Summer Theatre in Sheki 01.06.2012 - 15.09.2012
ZAQATALA OLIMPIC LLC ZAQATALA, AZERBAIJAN Construction of the Sport Hall at the territory of the School No 1 in Zaqatala 01.05.2012 - 01.12.2012
SHAMKIR CITY, AZERBAIJAN Construction of a new Oxford kindergarten and Hostel near Oxford School for 100-pupil 07.05.2012 - 15.06.2013
SHAMKIR CITY, AZERBAIJAN Construction of Memorial Park 01.07.2012 - 01.06.2013
INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AZERBAIJAN - HEAD OFFICE Essential repair works, reconstruction, furniture supply and installation, sewage system, HVAC system, fire-fighting system, lightning 01.03.2013 - 18.03.2015
INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AZERBAIJAN - BRANCHES Essential repair works, reconstruction, furniture supply and installation, sewage system, HVAC system, fire-fighting system 2001 - 2016
"FORUM-95" MTK Installation of the HVAC system, fire-fighting system and electrical boards and doors in the basement of the buildings 01.02.2012 - 16.02.2012
"KAPITAL MTK" GHREENHILL INN Guest House in Sheki, Azerbaijan Essential repair works, construction of cottages at the territory of the Hotel 01.07.2011 - 03.02.2014
DIA HOLDING Shahdag Winter-Summer Tourism Complex - Installation and exploitation of the outside sewer system 15.12.2010 - 25.04.2012
NATIONAL ONCOLOGY CENTER Construction and repair of hopper-type bunker and back office of the Clinic 30.08.2010 - 19.08.2011
OGHUZ CİTY, AZERBAİJAN Construction of Central Park in Oghuz city 01.04.2010 - 29.04.2011
KAPİTAL BANK - HEAD OFFICE AND BRANCHES Reconstruction and essential repair works 2009 - 2012
MINGECHEVIR "İZOLIT" ASC Essential repair works at the workshop No1 and reconstruction of workshops No 3 and 4 25.07.2008 - 30.10.2008
INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AZERBAIJAN Construction of a additional building of the the school in Qandakh village, Zaqatala region 22.05.2008 - 10.09.2008
EXECUTIVE POWER IN OGHUZ, AZERBAIJAN Essential repair and installation of heating system at Executive Power Building in Oghuz region 01.05.2008 - 30.10.2008
ALFA CONSTRUCTION Construction of residence complex in Zaqatala 15.09.2007 - 10.10.2014
"FEYSHN - 7" LLC Repair works at clothes shop 01.10.2007 - 20.05.2008
"CPC" MM, AZERBAIJAN, OGHUZ Construction of Glucose factory in Oghuz 11.12.2007 - 01.07.2009
NATIONAL ONCOLOGY CENTER Building of special bunker and additional rooms for X-ray equipment disposal 12.10.2007 - 31.08.2008
"SUMGAYIT KNITTED FABRIC" ASC Repair and reconstruction works at administrative and production buildings 27.06.2007 - 01.05.2010
EXECUTIVE POWER IN OGHUZ, AZERBAIJAN Essential repair works, service and supply of mini ATS device 01.06.2007 - 31.08.2007
"ALFA-LAYN" MINGECHEVIR "IZOLIT" Construction works at office building 27.02.2007 - 15.06.2007
INTER SPEEN, AZERBAIJAN, SAATLI Construction of cotton factory in Saatli 21.08.2006 - 01.11.2009
"BOT" LLC Construction of a new stock and productive corps 15.09.2006 - 15.11.2007
MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJAN Construction of a new school in Khirdalan 28.04.2006 - 29.12.2006
INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AZERBAIJAN Construction of new schools in Balaken, Sheki, Gakh 01.08.2006 - 31.05.2007
SHEKI OLIMPIC COMPLEX Reconstruction of central boilerhouse 05.06.2006 - 30.10.2007
SHEKI OLIMPIC COMPLEX Maintenance and Services 01.07.2006 - 30.10.2007
"KONSUL" MTK Construction of 14 - storied building (concrete, rebar, form) 10.06.2006 - 31.06.2007
"NAIL" MMC Repair and building works (concrete, concrete reinforcement) 07.04.2006 - 30.08.2006
"MURADLI" COMPANY Construction of 18 - storied building (concrete, rebar, form) 04.15.2003 - 30.04.2004
OLIMPIC SPORT COMPLEX IN SHEKI, AZERBAIJAN Installation of Irrigation System, Maintenance Services, Reconstruction of central boilerhouse 26.04.2005 - 25.07.2005
"EVERTON" COMPANY Construction of 14 and 19 - storied building (concrete, rebar, form) 30.12.2004 - 15.07.2007
"FLAMINGO" AZERBAIJAN-LENKORAN Building of a Guest House, Olympic Sport Complex 08.18.2003 - 12.12.2003
ARRA (Azerbaijan Rehabilitation & Refurbishment Agency) Reconstruction of Oncology Clinic 05.07.2004 - 23.11.2005
STATE COMMITTEE OF CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURE Internal decoration works at Gulistan Palace, installation of WC pans and sinks, tiling 27.07.1998 - 25.08.1998
MISC. CONSTRUCTION Fencing of the area and gates installation – extension of previous contract due to some additional areas not included to the Project 06.03.1995 - ongoing