Topographic, engineering and geological survey works

Topographic and land-surveying works can be regarded both as separate type of works, carried out for creation of topographic maps and plans, and a basic component of engineering and land-surveying investigations.

Engineering survey (investigations) is a complex study of natural conditions of proposed construction area, which is conducted for acquiring the necessary initial data, ensuring taking of the right and appropriate decisions from technical and economical points of view in designing and construction processes.

Engineering and land-surveying investigations ensure acquisition of topographic and land-surveying materials, information on conditions and relief of the area, existing buildings and constructions (underground, ground-based and overground) and other planning elements.

Materials and data, acquired on the results of engineering and land-surveying investigations are often called geological sub-basis by builders and designers. Geological sub-basis is total of topographic plans of various scales on the territory of construction area, which serve as a basis for elaboration of different design documents (master plans, planning and reconstruction projects, technical designs, design drawings and etc.).

The following works are carried out at a preparation level:

  • Receiving a technical task and preparation of contractual documentation
  • Collection and analysis of materials of previously conducted land-surveying works (survey networks, topographical surveys and etc.
  • Working out program of topographic and land-surveying works in compliance with the requirements of Customer's technical task
  • Registration (obtaining permits) of topographic and land-surveying works

The following works are carried out at a field level:

  • Reconnaissance inspection of the territory; Group of field works: creation (development) of support land-surveying networks, also special-purpose land-surveying networks; creation of plan-altitude survey networks; topographic survey, including survey of underground and ground-based constructions.
  • The necessary scope of estimation and other works on preliminary processing of acquired materials and data for ensuring quality control, completeness and accuracy of such materials and data.

The following works are carried out at an office level:

  • Drawing out (updating) topographic plans – final processing of field materials and data by assessing the accuracy of the results
  • Agreeing on the lines (electricity lines, communication lines, main pipelines and etc.) (if any), shown on topographic plans with the relevant organizations; making alterations in topographic plans where necessary
  • Making out technical report and the necessary appendixes on the results of topographic and land-surveying works and submitting them to the Customer together with the originals of engineering and topographic plans (both in graphic and digital format)