HR policy

The main objectives of HR policy:
  • Establishing an effective system as a result of joint effort of the Company's employees
  • Keeping strict internal discipline of the Company
  • Strengthening execution of works
  • Paying attention to the work of the employee who bears responsibility for execution of work
  • Studying and developing the system
  • Increasing the professional qualification of the specialists and management
  • Establishing and developing the Company's efficiency and corporate culture
In our activity we:
  • Respect to the personality of the employee
  • Discuss all issues openly and express mutual opinion
  • Demonstrate initiative for instructing the employees within the Company's interests
  • Appraise properly the effort of every employee
According to the above-mentioned, we hereby draw a conclusion that:

Most employees of the organization are responsible, friendly people having high qualification and workability which give them an opportunity to achieve good results in their activities. Success of the organization is achieved due to successful activity of the employees. Successful development of the organization depends on the activities of the high qualified employees. Partnership and cooperation are guarantee of the success.